A Pints Powerful Partnership

Published on August 3, 2012 by admin Category : Products In Action

A pint can be a powerful thing, especially 16 ounces of life giving blood.  A business partnership can also be very powerful.  Memorial Blood Centers recently partnered with Twin Cities Originals Restaurants to promote two completely different pints.  The “Give A Pint Get A Pint” promotion encourages donors to give a pint of blood to get a redeemable coupon for a pint of a cold beverage at a TCO restaurant in return.  In this type of promotion, all 4 R’s of the Realm R4 Advantage are covered.

Relationship – There are a number of relationships being established and strengthened within this promotion.  Memorial Blood and Twin Cities Originals; Memorial Blood and the Donor; The Donor and Twin Cities Originals and most importantly The Donor and the Recipient of the blood whom may never meet.

Relevant – It’s always fun when there’s a twist to the relevance of a program.  Using the pint glass with imprinted logos to represent a pint of blood keeps the importance of the donating top of mind.  Filling the glass with a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day is also relevant.

Remembered – The glass will act as a reminder to give blood in the future and to also frequent a Twin Cities Originals Restaurant.

Recommended – A program like this is easy to recommend to another person. There is  reward and satisfaction in giving the gift of life sustaining blood and you also receive a gift in return.

Just as blood can give new life to the body, business partnerships can give new life to promotions.  Many businesses are approaching larger promotions as a team rather than going it alone.  Sponsors, clients, and complementary businesses can make the perfect partner.  Partnering can also reach an additional potential client base.  In this pint promotion, not only is the community helped with the donation of blood, but Memorial Blood Centers and Twin Cities Originals both Effectively Remain to Be Seen.