About Realm

With 9 years of industry experience and knowledge ranging from premiums, promotional products and direct importing, Julie and Marty Stanchfield founded Realm Promotions in 2001.

Their vision is to “Effectively Remain to be Seen”. Not only does this vision apply to everyday life and how we live but even more so in how others view and remember you and your business. Any project, whether a tradeshow give-a-way or building a corporate E-Store, requires a solid foundation.

Realm works hard to establish that solid foundation by enhancing the promotional project from the onset providing resources that can save time and money. As your promotional consultant or trusted advisor Realm will identify a solution that will motivate the recipient to take a particular action. The team at Realm looks forward to going to work for you and with you to make sure you “Effectively Remain to be Seen”.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Few companies in the promotional marketing industry actually commit in writing to “total satisfaction” for their clients. We do! We know that when promotional products are manufactured, there are things that can and do go wrong. Realm Promotions carries that burden so that you don’t have to, regardless of the position of the manufacturer. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with a product purchase, we will gladly replace it.

Should your satisfaction not be met just call 1-877-814-9700 or email us within 30 days of the product’s arrival and we will work to resolve the issue.

Your 100% satisfaction is important to us so if you have any comments, suggestions, praise or even criticism, please feel free to contact us.

Mission and Vision of the Realm

Vision of Realm

Effectively remain to be seen!

Mission of Realm

To be a cohesive team of professionals helping businesses maximize public awareness and retention of their brand, identity or purpose. Helping clients ascertain what it is they are seeking to keep in the public’s eye and identifying the best medium or product to associate with the feature they desire to promote. Applying creativity to the promotional process is what distinguishes one promotion from another. Honesty, loyalty and fun are what distinguish Realm Promotions.

Values of the Realm

R –

Relationship: We are 100% committed in our relationships with the Realm team and our clients. We are flexible and willing to adjust and change to achieve a positive win/win outcome.

E –

Enthusiastic: We view life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated. Therefore, we seek to create a FUN environment and enthusiastically share with those with whom we associate the abundance of God’s blessings.

A –

Accountable: We are accountable to our clients and associates for our actions. We will make only those agreements we intend to keep. What we promise, we will earnestly seek to deliver.

L –

Loyalty: We will be loyal and worthy of the trust of our clients and associates. We will work to the best of our abilities, in our client’s best interest, to their satisfaction, to earn our client’s trust, loyalty and repeat business.

M –

Mature: REALM PROMOTIONS seeks a mature, vital and lasting relationship with its clients, developed through mutual trust and a collaborative spirit as an informed, up-to-date and trusted advisor.