Anatomy Of A Rush Order

Published on October 28, 2011 by realm9000 Category : Products In Action

Monday 2:37PM – CC’d on email string regarding a radio station needing a vendor to produce a rush order of tee shirts needed for a Thursday event.

Monday 2:39PM – Called station to introduce Realm and to see how we could help.  Got order specifications and art was being sent.

Monday 2:51PM – Sent artwork to our printer partners and verified production time.

Monday 3:50PM – Received order for 13 women’s tank tops with 4-color process on front and one color back along with 250 black tees with photo-real imprint on front and 4-color process on back.

Tuesday 10AM – Pre-production proofs for tees are approved.

Wednesday 7:50AM – Women’s tees were delivered to the station.

Thursday 10:20AM – Men’s tees delivered to station. Everything is delivered on time and is ready for the event.

Last minute and rush orders are creatures born of the promotion industry.  Dependable production partners are a coveted asset in a situation like the one described above.   Honesty is another key factor, because if the date can not be met, that needs to be communicated right away so plan “B”, if there is one, can be put into action.

Oasis Radio Group in Fort Wayne, IN was in the process of changing the format for one of their stations and wanted to do the station launch with their street team passing out tee shirts promoting the new format.  Thursday,  CLICKHOP.COM was born.  Oasis wasn’t sure that their idea for a street launch could be pulled off in time.  Realm was honored to have the opportunity to answer the call.  The tees have since been reordered so more listeners can proudly wear their shirts to help CLICK HOP Effectively Remain to be Seen.