I Saw The (Mustache) Sign

Published on November 30, 2011 by admin Category : Products In Action, Uncategorized

In April 1994 the number one hit on the radio was “The Sign” from Swedish pop group Ace of Base.  Millions were singing along with the chorus “I saw the sign…”  Fast forward to October 2011 and fans of U.S. 93.3 were seeing a different type of sign.  Not only did they start seeing a custom mustache sign, there was also a Face book page dedicated to the sign.   93.3 was looking for a creative way to promote their “Find the Missing 3″ contest.  The devious villain Mastermind has a distinctive handlebar mustache so playing off the mustache, the idea of a custom yard sign was hatched.  Over night the signs started popping up in neighborhood yards and along road sides.  To keep track of the sign sightings the Face book page was founded.  Mastermind even has his own Facebook site with over 3,000 followers, many of them posting clues to the $5,000 reward for finding the missing 3.  The contest is now over, the prize money claimed and Ace of Base has switched out the two female members but the custom mustache signs certainly helped Mastermind Effectively Remain to be Seen.



For those of you who want to sing along and relive The Sign, enjoy the video.