Most “Effective” Flu Season Shot

Published on January 30, 2012 by admin Category : 1st On The Block, Products In Action

Without fail, cold and flu season rears it’s ugly head every year and many of us head out to the nearest clinic for the annual flu shot.  The goal of course is to stave off the flu completely or at least lesson the misery, should it hit you.  NewCap Radio stations XL 103 and AMP 90.3 of Calgary, have found a unique way to liven up their promotions with a different type of shot.  This clear shot glass with a three color imprint and attached color matched plastic beads is just what the doctor ordered.  

Michael Godfrey, promotions director at XL 103, says  “the branded shot glasses are always very well received and are  a perfect give away item at concerts and parties.  People really like them and use them –  they become a conversation piece”.  A unique promotional product like this is also  great because it can be used as a continuity piece at multiple events.  The owner of the shot glass could receive prizes or specials when they wear the product.

Your yearly flu shot is a one time event and not a whole lot of fun.  Contrast this with a shot glass on beads that can be used throughout the year and and is much more exciting than a trip to the clinic.  So rather than taking a chance that your next promotion comes down with the flu, order up a custom shot and make sure you Effectively Remain to be Seen.