Promotional Gas

Published on November 8, 2011 by realm9000 Category : Products In Action

After using the same old giveaway time and time again it may seem like your promotions are running out of gas.  A custom imprinted whoopee cushion is a great way to put gas back into your promotions.  The Saint Paul Saints, a minor league baseball team, took advantage of the collapse of the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN to put a little gas in their promotions with a whoopee cushion.  To celebrate the great deflation they gave a custom white cushion with a four color imprint to the first 2,500 fans through the gates.

“We felt that the nature of this giveaway best embodies the collective feelings of Minnesotans as they watched the Dome collapse,” said Saints Executive Vice President/General Manager Derek Sharrer.  “The event continues to tear at the fabric of the community.  This is an opportunity for fans to relieve themselves with a deflating of their own.  It then will be behind us.”

The employees of JEM Rubber Co. who in 1930 invented the whoopee cushion must have understood the levity of a little gas.  The St. Paul Saints also appreciate the levity of a little gas as a promotion like this reflects their motto “Fun is Good”.  Don’t settle for the same old, put some gas in your promotions and have some fun making sure you Effectively Remain to be Seen.