Promotional Product Insanity

Published on November 1, 2011 by realm9000 Category : Blog

It may not be the official Merriam-Webster definition but I’m sure we’ve all heard that insanity is “doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result”.  Shrinking promotional budgets have caused some companies to cut their promotional purchases all together.  They just haven’t seen the return on the investment.  Perhaps they are expecting a different result from using the same old product.  A well thought out campaign and a unique product just may be what the doctor ordered.  The goal should not be to just brand a product, but to generate real measurable results.  Getting the product in front of the intended audience and keeping it there is key.

 Four Factors of a Successful Promotion

  1. Make sure the product is audience appropriate.  If the product isn’t appropriate for the target audience the message may be lost.
  2. Have an effective marketing message.  Gone are the days of just throwing a logo on a promotional product.  A logo by itself doesn’t present a benefit, advantage or call to action.
  3. Make sure your targeted recipients are qualified.  With the goal of the promotion already established, getting the product to the proper person is more likely to generate the results you hope to achieve.
  4. Timing is everything.  Jokes can either be a hit or a flop depending on the delivery and timing of the punch line.  A promotional product or program and it’s message, without the proper timing, will not produce the desired result.


Now the fun part.  When you find the appropriate product combined with an effective message and deliver it to a qualified recipient at the right time, you’ll increase your success rate.  As the 90’s fitness guru Susan Powter used to say, “Stop the insanity”, and I might add “Effectively Remain to be Seen”.