QR Code, What’s In It For Me?

Published on January 18, 2012 by admin Category : Products In Action

11:40 pm 12-31-2011, ten minutes to go until the start of a new year, I get up from the table only to come to the  realization that I’m going to start the new year with  a nasty head cold.   New Years day, after the aches have somewhat subsided, I head out to the closest pharmacy in search of a remedy. One of the items on my list surprisingly had a QR code sticker on the box with a short message asking me to scan the code. With the scan app running, I hold the box, the phone vibrates, and wallah, a coupon shows up on my screen for $1 off. At the register the coupon is scanned from the screen of my phone and instantly I received the discount. It may only have been $1, but I’m feeling better already.

Although the QR code has been around for a few years many people still are not sure of its purpose. Many are familiar with what the code is but are still in the curiosity stage. Marketing Daily quotes a study from Chadwick Martin Bailey who recently surveyed more that 1,200 people and found that even those who had never used the codes had opinions about how they should or could be used.  43% of consumers surveyed said they would be interested in using the codes for discounts or other offers, while 26% said they would use them to find out more about a product or service.

If you have your car repaired at Bonfe’s in St. Paul, MN when you pick up your car you’ll find a flat plastic keytag attached to your key ring. It’s always good to have the number of a good mechanic with you so the front of the tag has all the shop’s contact information. The second side has a QR code that brings the holder to a specials page on their web site. Only those with the keytag can have access to the specials that frequently change. Currently those with the card will receive 50% off an oil change.

So, if you are thinking of adding a QR code to your marketing tool box in 2012 make sure you ask your self, “what’s in it for the recipient”? With a well thought out program you can keep your client coming back to your web site which helps you Effectively Remain to be Seen.