Time For Client Relationships

Published on May 15, 2012 by admin Category : Blog

The 1st “R” in the R4 Advantage is “Relationship”.  All of life is built on the desire for relationships.  Time is required for the best relationships.  The longer the relationship the better you get to know the desires and needs of others.  We see this in relationships between parents and children, siblings, spouses and of course employees, clients and potential clients.

Knowing the needs of your clients and potential clients is key to growing a business and increasing revenue.  How you handle a complaint is also a good representation of the relationship you have with your clients and says more than you would expect about character.  So if your clients complain about time, do you remove time?

Standing in line is never fun as it takes time.  The line at the post office we  frequent typically takes longer to move than it should.  I recently heard this exchange with the women in front of me and the Postmaster behind the counter.

Women: “Where’s the big clock that hangs back there?” She points to the open space on the wall behind the Postmaster.

Postmaster: “A former manager took the clock down.”

Women: “Oh, were you guys looking at it too much?”

Postmaster: “No, the people were.”

Apparently there must have been some complaints regarding the time it is was taking to move through the line.  Their solution?  Remove the clock.  Removing the clock may have seemed like a simple solution but was it the right action to improve the client relationship?  The solution didn’t increase the value of the relationship and the desired effect of stopping the complaints was not effectively achieved.  As a solution provider, one of the easiest ways to improve a relationship is to listen and then take the appropriate action.  So, when the opportunity arises, be sure to listen, invest the time towards client relationships and Effectively Remain to be Seen.