Top 10 Promotional Products

Published on March 5, 2012 by admin Category : Blog, Products In Action

Top 10 lists have been around as long as I can remember and maybe since the beginning of time.  There is the famous list of commandments that Moses brought down from the Mount, or was that Charlton Heston?  With a little searching on the web you can find the top 10 nearly extinct household items, many of which I grew up with, or the top 10 ugliest creatures should you care to look.  The promotional products industry also has a top 10 list.  During my 22 years in the industry the product categories have switched positions now and again but the list has pretty much remained the same.

Next time you are out, take notice of the amount of graphic tee shirts that proudly display everything from Angry Birds to who the next president of the United States should be.  It’s no wonder that shirts are the number one revenue producer in the promotional industry.  A 2008 study produced by the Advertising Specialty Institute, and the Nielsen Company compared different media types and the cost per impression.  The cost per impression for an ad placed in a magazine is $0.033 and both a prime time TV and a 1/2 page b&w newspaper ad are $0.019.  The cost per impression for a print on a tee shirt is only $0.004 each, that’s right, less than 1/2 a cent.

At Realm we help businesses build their R4 advantage;  Relationship, Relevant, Remembered and Recommended.  The screen printed tee shirt Lucid Brewing Company recently used in Minneapolis to promote their brand is a perfect example of R4.  The brewery has developed a loyal following by building Relationships with their fans using social media.  They announced the event on Twitter and Facebook and gave away the coveted tee shirt, being Relevant.  Their fans will now will be seen wearing the Lucid logo, that’s being Remembered.  The best way to increase your customer base is to be recommended.  A recent study found that only  14% of people believe something they see in an ad and that jumps to over 80% when the product is recommend by someone they know. Lucid is now being personally Recommended to others at the low impression rate of $0.004.  Regardless of the promotional product you use, if properly administered you can keep your cost per impression very low and Effectively Remain to be Seen!