Villain Is A Cut (Out) Above The Rest

Published on December 5, 2011 by admin Category : Products In Action

Throughout the years the heroes and heroines have been battling against the villains.  Dudley Do-Right against Snidely Whiplash, Rocky & Bullwinkle against Boris and Natasha, and every week Scooby-Doo & Shaggy defeated a different villain.  It’s no different for the Fort Wayne Country radio station U.S. 93.3  Once again the dastardly Mastermind kidnapped one of the call letters from the station.  Last year it was the 9 and this year the call went out to listeners and fans to free the missing 3.  With the popularity of Mastermind, the station was looking for a way to bring their character to the public.  The solution, Realm Promotions produced 6′ four color process cut-out replicas who would make appearances at malls and other venues.  Fans of all ages would line up to get a picture taken with the likeness of Mastermind.  With his own Face book page and Twitter account we are certain that Mastermind will be back creating more mischief in the future.   For now the contest is over, but Mastermind will Effectively Remain to be Seen.